Facelift Surgery

facelift surgery dallas, txFor an overall facial rejuvenation to regain a youthful look that matches how you feel on the inside and to prove that age is just a number, consider getting a facelift. The common facelift surgery combats aging by lifting, tightening, and sculpting the face into an epitome of youthful beauty. Dr. Jeffrey D. Hopkins understands the beauty created in a facelift, and as such, works every day to bring the best surgical techniques to his patients.

Ideal Patients for a Facelift

The best candidates we could suggest for a facelift surgery are the ones who feel ready for a change. A facelift can drastically and positively affect the way you present yourself to the world. Your face is a new, refreshed platform with which to show your radiance. A candidate who understands that a facelift brings about significant change is the right kind of candidate.

Additionally, some may feel they are not the right candidate because of finances. Yes, cosmetic surgeries can seem costly at first, but financing exists. If a doctor has your best interest in mind, he or she will offer to finance. This way, you don’t have to wait to be the real you that you want to be.

The Facelift Procedure

A facelift is a type of procedure used to rectify signs of visible aging around the face and neck, including sagging, deep creases, excess fat, or a significant loss of skin tone. The loss of a youthful appearance can be devastating to many, though it is mostly due to various factors, such as heredity, environmental conditions, and even stress can play a huge part in the aging process.

A traditional incision for a facelift procedure begins at the hairline of the temples, then continues around the ear and completes at the lower scalp. The fat here may be either sculpted or redistributed to offer a more proportional, youthful appearance to the face. The underlying tissue is then repositioned, and the muscles are lifted. A second incision underneath the chin may be required to reduce the aging effects around the neck. To close these incisions, sutures or skin adhesives are often used by the surgeon.

Facelift Surgery Outcomes

Some of the common desired outcomes we see for facelifts are visual: a face that doesn’t sag, a defined jawline, and wrinkles gone. However, there are some outcomes that aren’t measurable, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable. These include an increased self-esteem, a newfound love of one’s own body, and even an increased overall happiness.

Whatever outcomes you aim to find with your facelift, find them with us. Dr. Jeffrey D. Hopkins, M.D. and his team at J Hopkins Plastic Surgery work diligently to make your face match the way you feel on the inside. 972-298-6641

Recovery After Facelift Surgery

After your facelift surgery, you can expect a little swelling and potentially some bruising. Your surgeon may place a bandage on your face to help combat this. Any swelling or bruising that does occur won’t last long — don’t let it worry you. Your surgeon will give you personalized recovery information. You should also feel comfortable asking a few questions of your own. If your surgeon doesn’t offer specific information, you should ask these questions:

  1. What can I expect my recovery to look like?
  2. What’s the estimated length of my recovery?
  3. Are there any medications I should take, or any diet changes that I should think about?

Do you have further questions about recovery after a facelift? Contact J Hopkins Plastic Surgery at 972-298-6641 today!

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